Commercial Pest Control Oxford

Commercial Pest Control Oxford

commercial pest control


Good question, simple answer is anything that is not a residential dwelling can be considered Commercial. Commercial Pest Control refers to a premises that has a business running from it including, shops, warehouses, units, shipping containers, offices, night clubs, restaurants, garages & factories etc.

Now we got that cleared up lets talk about what is actually involved in Commercial Pest Control. Food shops and factories will have a specific pest threat list, including:

All the above mentioned Pests are very common in Commercial settings and need lots of TLC & of course lots of time spent ridding large commercial buildings with vast spaces. This is represented in the price difference between Residential & Commercial Pest Control.

restaurant pest control

Restaurant Pest Control

Restaurant Pest Control-This is a very specialist area and demands attention to detail with a lot of discretion. The last thing the owners want is customers seeing pest control techs in a restaurant when they are eating, therefore discreet & timely regular visits are essential. Monthly visits are always recommended in an restaurant environment with a bear minimum of 8 visits throughout a 12 month period.

Environmental Health & Pest Control.

It is not a legal requirement to have Pest Control at all, but & this is a BIG but, Environmental Health favour those that can demonstrate they are doing every thing in their power to provide a safe and healthy environment for their customers when they drop in do their own spot checks. An on-site Pest Control folder with all the Pest Control credentials together with site plans if required and detailed monthly Service Reports are all stored within along with recommendations & treatments. Do Not wait until you have a pest issue to get Pest Control Cover for your business, think of it as an insurance policy safeguarding your premises as well as your customers, budget it into your monthly outgoings. ProPest Oxford are experts in Annual Pest Control Contracts for Commercial and Residential properties. We will spend time with you getting to know your exact pest threats & budgets.

Pest Control in Offices

Rodent Pest Control in Office spaces, towers, blocks & Industrial Estates are prone to Rodent activity internally and externally. Discretion again is required here to as nobody wants to see mice or rat stations within professional environments. Locations are chosen that are out of eye line and hidden from sight. External stations are also hidden out of view as much as possible ProPest Oxford highly recommend monthly visits to stay in Control of pests in office environments as rodents infestations can happen at any time and spread with alarming speed. Are you looking for Pest Control cover for your office including Mice Control & Rat Control? ProPest Oxford have Different monthly paid memberships you can choose from to protect your business ​ ​