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Garden Moles- 3/2/2021

We all love our gardens and outside spaces there is no denying that, especially in these times of global Pandemic & Covod-19. We as a nation are spending more and more time in our much loved gardens as lets face it, its our private safe spaces, right?............................................ ​ At this time of year its mating season for the cute little Garden Moles pictured above. Moles are reputed to lonesome & antisocial creatures which is probably correct, except around mating season. One single female will burrow/tunnel a whole labyrinth of tunnels down in the soil in erotic anticipation that a whole gaggle of male Moles will find her and start the courting rituals before mating, The female has already started nesting by digging out living quarters attached to two types of tunnel networks


It does exactly what it says on the tin (lol). Mating tunnels are a series of tunnels all interlinked with each otherwhere the female will spray her scent at certain times of the day or night in the hope to attract a male. She does not want just one male tho, she wants to attract as many as she can & mate with them all. I hear what your thinking," Moles are randy rampant nymphomaniacs" lol, and you would be correct. In order to guarantee a pregnancy female moles have to ensure her season is enriched with as much sperm as possible, lets face it it may be many months until she comes into season again. The female has already pushed up excess soil to the surface to make room for her love pad and birthing quarters, and this is the very early visual signs on the surface of a Mole problem under the surface of your much loved lawn.



Feeding tunnels are a different series of tunnels used only for feeding. Moles eat nothing but earth worms and need to eat the own body weight in worms every 24 hours to survive. As you can imagine, this is alot of worms so miles upon miles of tunnels need to be dug out with excess soil again pushed up to the surface creating visual above ground mole hills/ resulting in damage to your much loved lawns. ​ When the males arrive and have had their "special time" with the female (lol), the male will assist the female with tunnel excavation improving living quarters as well digging out and lengthening feeding tunnels. This is now job done for the male, he is off, he has done his bit and now its time for him to go find another female, ( he must be exhausted lol). So......After a succession of erotic encounters, Mrs Mole decides she has had her share and retreats to her now massive, living quarters to relax...............

Pressing the fast forward button now

Mrs Mole has given birth to her litter of between 2-12 pups, she needs her protein in order to produce enough milk to feed all her young, you guessed it, she is out most of the time digging more tunnels and feeding on earth worms, making more of a mess of your much loved lawns. ​ AT WHAT STAGE SHOULD PROFFESIONAL PEST CONTROL BE CALLED IN TO GET CONTROL OF THE MOLES? ​ Great question & a very important question. Ideally as soon as you see a few mole hills sprout up that is the time to call us, ProPest Oxford 01865-579366. In reality tho you hope the problem just goes away right, and you stamp on the mole hills and pat them down, out of sight out of mind! This is NOT recommended: What will happen over a very short space of time is, Mrs mole will re excavate all blocked tunnels by adding more tunnels making more soil hills. So, your probably at this stage, are we correct? CONTACT US ​ ProPest Oxford are experts in Mole Control & use conventional mole trapping methods that have been used in the UK for hundreds of years. ProPest Oxford use different traps for different situation and circumstances. Soils differ in different locations etc. Rest assured, our techs are all highly skilled mole trappers with years of experience and will happily explain your unique requirements in detail om the day of the Survey.


A Mole Survey takes around 30-45 mins on site. Our tech will use a special probing tool to access the extent of the damage the tunnels have caused so far and, find out the entry and exit locations. This service is chargeable at only £60 no VAT to pay. It is essential a survey is done by our trained techs. A typed survey Report & an estimate of cost is produced and sent direct to your email ready for you to look through, if your happy and you wish to proceed with the estimate, our mole control department will start an agreed schedule of trapping, usually over a 3 week period with bi daily site visits.


ProPest have an Live catch and release programme. We use humane live underground tunnels which trap the Moles inside. No distress is caused as Moles regularly get themselves stuck while digging tunnels. Our Technicians check the tunnels every 24 hours and remove any Moles within the tunnels Live to be relocated. This is an much more expensive option to traditional trapping methods, but offer that live trapping and release option that is becoming more and more popular.


If any of the above sounds or looks like your much loved lawn, its time to give ProPest Oxford a call and arrange your initial site survey

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