Spiders are not classified as pests in UK, although there are around 8 species of Spider in UK that are venomous. Out of the total 200 or so species of UK spiders roaming around humans only rarely come into contact with a few species of spider.

The false widow spider is the most common species we encounter that people want controlling. Very rarely will False Widows invade your living space, but when they do it can be very frightening.

False Widows will do every thing they can NOT to bite, but they will bite if under threat. The bite itself varies from a tiny bump to a bad reaction that will need antibiotics. Ordinarily they will live in your garden or shed/garage and you will not even know they are there! The common house spider is another very common sighting ranging in size. The males are the ones you will see at certain times of the year wondering around your home on the search for females that already live somewhere in your house. Its reported that up to 8 female house spiders reside somewhere in your home all year round. We have heard all the "Old Wives Tales" on how to deter spiders from mint oil to conkers......None of them work. Ultrasonic plug in devices are the most common thing these days that amateur use Pest Control web sites sell, they do not work either, ProPest get called out every day to a property that has these devices plugged in. If they did work we would not get called out in the first instance.

What do ProPest use to control Spiders?

An residual Insecticide is sprayed all over your house including the cracks and crevices. Our initial survey will pin point areas that need other treatments like a residual smoke treatment. These treatments are guaranteed for 3 months.